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GPE Scientific are an award winning, leading distributor and manufacturer of laboratory equipment, glassblowing products and specialised glass components for the industrial, laboratory and research markets. We have over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing of precision glass materials for industry, laboratory and research companies.

We are the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for Chemglass, Nanalysis & Norell NMR Tubes. Our complete range includes Scale Up Process Reactor Systems and accessories, Temperature Control Systems, Stirrers, Schlenk Lines & Vacuum Manifolds, Chromatography & Distillation apparatus and much more

Our sustainable laboratory product portfolio offer innovative, energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and cost effective laboratory equipment for the advancement of a sustainable environment for your research laboratories.

We also supply a wide selection of specialist equipment for Liquid Handling, Bioprocess, Cell Culture, Microscopy, Micro and Molecular Biology and general laboratory equipment.