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HSE is the independent regulator for the safe supply, sale, and use of chemicals in Great Britain. We deliver our mission to protect people and places by providing operational delivery and policy expertise for a number of regulatory regimes that protect the health of people and the environment, whilst balancing the economic and wider benefits that chemicals offer to society.

HSE’s chemicals regulatory work focusses on ensuring that people who manufacture, supply and use chemicals fully understand the risks they pose, and how to control them.

To achieve our aims and to deliver improved regulatory outcomes we work closely with a range of stakeholders including small and large businesses, industry bodies, other Government Departments and regulators at both the national and international level.

HSE’s principal work programmes for chemicals include delivery of the Plant Protection Products and REACH Regulations, and the policy and delivery of Biocidal Products Regulations, Classification Labelling and Packaging Regulation, Prior Informed Consent Regulation.

HSE regulates chemicals on behalf of the appropriate Ministers in England, Scotland and Wales. In addition, we provide support to regulators in Northern Ireland.