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IFC Inflow

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IFC Inflow are specialists in bulk liquid tanker loading and transfer equipment, safe tanker access and tanker fall prevention systems. The company was founded in 1987 by four engineers, all of whom had long backgrounds working in the petroleum and chemical process market. For decades since we have taken pride in delivering high-quality solutions that make the most of advances in new technology while being reliable enough to last for many years.

Over the years the business has expanded and now provides equipment and solutions to the oil, gas, and chemical sectors. An initial emphasis on flow meters has evolved into a range of standard equipment and integrated system solutions, including design, fabrication, and installation services. In-House Design Engineering High-quality British engineering allows clients to incorporate our range of standard equipment into larger projects. Our services include general arrangement and design drawings, specialist fabrication and finishing, materials testing, including non-destructive testing, and factory acceptance testing and certification.

IFC manufacture all equipment to the latest European standards and can work closely with clients on special applications. The Equipment: IFC has developed a range of products specifically targeted at bulk liquid loading and tanker fall prevention. This has come from long experience within the industry, close client co-operation and expert in-house design and engineering capability. The result is our own range of equipment, including PetroLoad and ChemLoad loading arms, FlowStep folding stairs, TTSC safety cages and TopTank and LowTank mobile tanker access ladders. Systems Integration:

IFC Inflow provide system integration and automation solution services for the oil, gas, and chemical sectors globally. Over a period of more than 30 years it has helped major oil, gas, and chemical end-users to solve their most pressing issues of tanker loading and safe tanker access with IFC’s broad systems integration solution product portfolio, technical skills, knowledge, and expertise on its own equipment along with other major own equipment manufacturers.