Labtex Ltd

Labtex Ltd

About this exhibitor

Labtex on stand J43 will show a selection of leading laboratory equipment including HUBER baths, circulators and chillers, Vacuubrand vacuum systems, DIEHM batch glass reaction systems, POPE wiped film or short path distillation and Nutsche filter dryers.

On our stand you will be able to meet experts from Labtex, Huber and Vacuubrand and Hubers newly renovated VW T2 ‘LABONAVAN’ will be the centrepiece.

We provide scale up equipment for Process R & D in the pharmaceutical, chemical defence, aerospace, biochemical and other industries including Reaction systems, Process Automation, Distillation and Evaporation, Liquid Temperate Control, Vacuum pumps and networks.

NEW Products on stand J43 include the Vacuubrand VACUU·PURE® 10C Screw pump for aggressive gases and vapors – PURE VACUUM.NOTHING ELSE.