Lakeland Laboratories Ltd

About this exhibitor

Lakeland Laboratories is a specialist independent UK chemicals manufacturer, serving sectors worldwide since 1963.

With a deep-rooted commitment to service excellence, ISO-registered Lakeland drives industry through the continued development of consistent, highly versatile and environmentally responsible chemicals relied upon by the whole supply chain and enjoyed by end users across the globe.

Lakeland’s products

Clients enjoy ease of access to our laboratory, working collaboratively to develop quality products fit for purpose and with dependable quality that’s relied upon by manufacturers and end users worldwide.

  • Amphoterics

Natural & synthetic derived diproprionates and monoproprionates with excellent dirt-lifting and free-rinsing qualities.

  • Wax Emulsions

Free-flowing aqueous emulsions producing a variety of surface finishes, improving durability and anti-slip, and enhancing hydrophobic formulations.

  • Phosphate Esters

100% active anionic surfactants, used as corrosion inhibitors or hydrotropes and with good environmental profiles.

  • Speciality Products

Surfactant and bespoke surfactant blends, including iodine solutions, with uses across cleaning, food processing and metal working.

Specialist contract & toll manufacture, custom synthesis, blending & mixing services

Lakeland Laboratories’ contract manufacturing base is incredibly broad, serving both smaller businesses and large multinational corporations who require additional capacity or where niche technical expertise and facilities are required.

  • Facilities & Expertise

Contract and toll manufacturing, blending and mixing facilities, technical support and storage that provide valuable additional capacity.

  • Synthesis & Blending

With chemicals expertise and specialist facilities, Lakeland Laboratories explores highly marketable synthesis and blends for sectors worldwide.


Speciality chemical manufacture by Lakeland Laboratories

Committed to the chemistry behind our products, our business maintains a focus on product development backed by hands-on laboratory skills and strong customer relationships which enable us to create product ranges perfectly tailored to their purpose.

Dedicated to continual improvement and excellent service, Lakeland Laboratories drives industry through innovative research, development and manufacture of high-quality, niche chemicals relied upon throughout the supply chain, delivering consistently exceptional results for end users.