About this exhibitor

Founded in 1999 and Serving over 2000 Customers from 24 Worldwide Offices

Lisam is a global provider of smart EHS compliance and practical sustainability solutions fully integrated with Chemicals Management. Lisam delivers EHS solutions for Incident Management, Audits & Inspections, Sustainability Sources Management and Chemical Inventory Management, as well as Product Stewardship solutions for Substance Volume Tracking and SDS Authoring, Distribution and Management. We know our stuff, keep our promises, and openly guide our business with core values of Respect, Integrity, Service Excellence, Value and Happiness.

Our Mission:

To Help Every Company Achieve Success with a Safer and More Sustainable Workplace.

Values That Drive Us to Deliver Exceptional Products and Services:

01 Respect
Without exception, treat every individual with dignity and respect – – customers, employees, partners, vendors, competitors, and strangers.

02 Integrity
Be honest always and don’t make promises unless you know you can keep them.

03 Service Excellence
No matter how strong our software solutions, none of this matters without passionate customer service assuring your success. We are committed to serving our customers and service in general.

04 Value
Time and resources are precious. We seek to create value in everything we do by providing the highest quality and most affordable solutions for our customers.

05 Happiness
We believe it’s easier to help our customers achieve safer and more sustainable success when we have fun along the way and promote the well-being of all. Achieving challenging goals with a servant’s heart can bring its own satisfaction and happiness. Making our work and our workplace enjoyable makes work sustainable.