About this exhibitor

Packaging specialists – Supporting businesses to safely package, load and ship chemicals.

We are experts in packaging solutions, supporting our customers to deliver products safely and sustainably.

We ensure chemicals can be transported securely by:
✓ Completing rigorous testing to ensure correct tolerances for loads during transit
✓ Supplying appropriate packaging materials and products to secure loads
✓ Advising on the loading, and movement of products during transit
✓ Supporting you to share all relevant information with your supply chain
✓ Working to internationally agreed standards and protocols – EUMOS 40509

However or wherever you need to distribute your chemicals, we offer the right services and solutions:

  • Drumclips – providing solutions to secure loads during transit, including drum clips and automated strapping lines
  • ErgoPack – supplying ergonomic equipment to streamline strapping pallets and improve worker comfort and safety
  • Pallet stability testing – providing documentation to certify pallets are tested to EUMOS standards
  • Pallet wrap films and machinery – ensuring consistency of wrap on pallets for load stability

Working closely with your team and supply chain, we’ll carry out comprehensive testing to ensure your loads are packaged, loaded, secured and shipped appropriately. As members of EUMOS we work to the highest standards, using testing protocols to make bespoke recommendations. We’ll also ensure the packaging products and processes used to palletise your goods are optimised – advising on the correct combination and application of products to minimise waste without compromising on safety.

By packaging, loading and shipping your chemicals securely, we’ll reduce the risk of hazards and increase your operational efficiencies.

With 50 years’ experience, we’re experts in packaging solutions. Delivering: Managed Packaging Services; Pallet Stability Audits; Environmental Audits; Packaging Cost Audits; Packaging Machine Rental & Maintenance services.

Visit us on stand H116 to learn more about our solutions, or visit: today.