NSI Mobile Water Solutions

About this exhibitor

With over 25 years of experience, NSI Mobile Water Solutions, part of Nijhuis Saur Industries (Saur Group), is a leading provider of temporary water treatment solutions. 

We offer an efficient and cost-effective alternative to fixed plants to help our customers maintain the continuity of supply to their core operations and minimise downtime in many industrial situations. Ideal for emergencies where an existing plant has failed, our services can also be used when carrying out planned commissioning or maintenance projects or for multi-year requirements when a temporary but continuous water supply is critical to operations. 

NSI Mobile Water Solutions provide a modern range of water and wastewater treatment technologies pre-packaged on a trailer, skid, container, or media vessel cylinders for maximum mobility and responsiveness.

We combine expertise, high-quality assets, and service/maintenance and ion exchange regenerations centres strategically located across Europe to provide our customers worldwide with an unrivalled speed of response and quality of service.