SensoTech GmbH

About this exhibitor

Innovative engineering made in Germany, the principle of which is the measurement of the absolute speed of sound and density in the running process. A method that we have perfected into a highly precise and exceptionally user-friendly sensor technology.

In addition to concentration and density measurement, typical applications include phase detection or the tracking of complex reactions such as polymerization and crystallization. Ours LiquiSonic Measurement and Analysis Systems® ensure optimum product quality, maximum plant safety and reduce costs through efficient resource management. In a wide variety of industries: chemical and pharmaceutical industry, steel industry, food technology, mechanical and plant engineering, automotive technology and others.

SensoTech systems deliver highly accurate measurement results even under difficult process conditions: precise and reproducible. Immediately available for your automation system inline and without safety-critical sampling. All system parameters can also be adjusted with powerful configuration tools. So that you can react immediately and easily to changes.

We offer excellent, sophisticated technology to improve your manufacturing processes. And we are partners for challenging, often unimagined solutions. In your industry, for your applications – no matter how specific they are: When it comes to liquids, we set the standards.