About this exhibitor

Tracerco provides the world’s essential industries the insights they need to make better decisions. With the tools and technology to help you see inside the very heart of your operations, we provide a better understanding of your business. And the more you understand it, the more you can refine it. We are proud to be true innovators, using ingenious tools, science and technology to deliver the insights you need. Because we invest so heavily in product development and innovation, if the technology doesn’t exist to help you, we have the skills to invent it. Over the years, we have saved businesses billions, and helped them to be more productive and operate more safely.

At Tracerco, we help you see things you wouldn’t normally see. We do it by measuring the unmeasurable and accessing the inaccessible. Our customisable range of award-winning nucleonic instrumentation provides reliable phase, level and density measurements, allowing you to see inside and accurately control your processes. Our unique and advanced instruments provide non-intrusive, real-time solutions, bringing clarity and understanding to customers’ assets all over the world. With enhanced self-diagnostics and low maintenance costs, our instrumentation boasts unrivalled safety, stability, accuracy and reliability to provide customers with the knowledge they need to increase product throughput, manage risks, and reduce costs. We engage with our customers and get to know their operations, so we can help them solve their most challenging process measurement and control problems. As part of our ongoing commitment to customer service, we provide expert commissioning and a full aftersales service via our highly responsive team of project managers and field engineering staff. This ensures that our customers have technical support, wherever they are in the world. The more you know about your processes, the more you can optimise them.

With the widest range of scanning and tracer diagnostic services on the market, Tracerco provides you with the insights you need to help troubleshoot production problems and optimise processes. Our services help the investigation and optimisation of production processes, allowing plant engineering and operational staff to quickly identify, improve and resolve issues. Making these data-driven decisions can significantly reduce the costs of corrective actions and operational downtime.

Our range of award-winning radiation monitors measure radiation dose rate, or monitor process and environmental contaminants in a number of applications. We offer products relating to site radiography, as well radiation survey meters and an extended family of Personal Electronic Dosimeters (PEDs). With both intrinsically safe and non-intrinsically safe versions available, we provide a solution for every radiation monitoring and management need. Avoid any unnecessary exposure, keep your business compliant and most importantly, keep your people safe.