W.E.C. (Leeds) Ltd

W.E.C. (Leeds) Ltd

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Rhinoflex are leading suppliers of composite flexible hoses. Our chemical hoses are designed for suction and discharge of a wide range of chemicals, fuels, oils, acids and alkalis. Our hoses include oil hose, fuel hose, PTFE hose, tanker hoses, ships discharge or ship to shore hose, and highly robust chemical hoses.

Our flexible fuel hoses can be used for road tanker loading and offloading in plant applications where a robust flexible hose is required with a proven safety record.

Rhino lightweight fuel hoses or oil hoses are designed for suction and discharge of leaded & unleaded petrol, diesel, fuel oils, hydrocarbons with 100% aromatic content and Aviation spirit.

Rhinoflex hose construction is unique consisting of many spirally wrapped plies of thermoplastic fabrics and films. Rhinoflex hoses, compared to rubber hoses are generally much lighter and more flexible yet still providing robust chemical hoses for safe delivery. Here at Rhinoflex, we supply chemical hoses where the hose is to be handled frequently e.g. road tanker, ship to shore and in plant service