Aromatherapy Trade Council – ATC

Aromatherapy Trade Council – ATC

About this partner

The Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) is the trade association for the specialist aromatherapy essential oil trade, and represents manufacturers and suppliers of aromatherapy products as well as the interest of consumers in the United Kingdom.

Aromatherapy has grown to become one of the most popular complementary therapies, but the vast range of available products can be daunting to consumers looking for safe, good quality products to achieve the best therapeutic results. The safe usage of essential oils has been the subject of justifiable public concern and has attracted much media attention over the years.

In 1993, the escalation of these concerns, together with unfavourable media coverage, led to the formation of the ATC to act as the first self-regulating and authoritative body for the UK aromatherapy trade. We have found that the greatest potential for effective action at various government levels, is in safeguarding the availability of responsibly marketed essential oils – to the obvious advantage of the public, profession and trade alike.

The ATC membership is comprised of responsible suppliers of essential oils and aromatherapy products, representing some 75% of the UK trade, who share common concerns regarding the safety and quality of essential oils now available on the mass market.

How we operate

A Board of Directors is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and democratically manages the ATC on a voluntary basis. The Board is made up of representatives from both large and small companies to ensure a wide cross-section of expertise and interests. It meets and communicates on a regular basis to formulate strategy, and all policy matters are referred to members by the Board to be ratified by members prior to implementation.

Sub-committees are appointed as required to deal with escalating or demanding issues. The Technical Sub-Committee is the most permanent of these, with a remit to advise the Board on regulatory, scientific and technical matters relating to the protection and advancement of member’s interests. The continual flow of regulatory changes from the EU means that this is the most active committee.

An independent Administrator is responsible for the day to day running of the ATC in liaison with the Board, and for reasons of confidentiality the administrator performs the role of Code Administrator when vetting and advising members about labelling and promotional material.

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