BASA – British Adhesives & Sealants Association

BASA – British Adhesives & Sealants Association

About this partner

As the voice for the industry, BASA supports its members by representing and promoting the industry, offering guidance on technical and compliance issues, providing networking opportunities for members and providing members with support services.

We are unable to offer specific application or product advice, but by using the Directory users and specifiers can find companies able to help.

We are an association run for our members by our members. Our greatest strength resides in the experience and expertise of the volunteers who agree to sit on our working groups and task forces.

BASA’s antecedents stretch back more than 60 years when adhesive and sealant manufacturers were invited to assist the UK government with the strategic planning of materials for the industry. During the ensuing period organisations such as the Adhesive Manufacturers Association, the British Resin Rubber Manufacturers Association, The British Adhesive Manufacturers Association and the Sealant Manufacturers Conference gradually coalesced to form what is now Europe‚Äôs only independent trade body dedicated solely to the interests of the adhesives and sealants industry.



Adhesives and sealants are everywhere and are at the forefront of developments in new “greener” technology. Not only are our products changing rapidly using more and more sustainable and environmentally friendly raw materials and processes, they are often key to the rapid improvements in the environmental performance of existing products and to the new greener technologies of the 21st century.

BASA is committed to the values of sustainable production and consumption (SPC). Through compliance with, and promotion of, these principles, BASA aims to help members adopt the very best practice for SPC related issues.