Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin

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HCB is recognised the world over as a global provider in the delivery of business-critical information. Our years of experience and our dynamic multi-platform network allows our readers of influential key decision makers to stay up to the minute and ahead of the competition.

Our award-winning Editorial team is written by a dedicated team of industry experts from around the world. Combined, these experts have more than 250 years of dedicated industry and regularly chair conferences and panels at events across the globe.

Originally published in 1980 HCB has nearly 40 years as a ground-breaking data, analytics and information delivery service. the sponsorship and advertising opportunities HCB offers, enable you to engage your audience 24/7, 365 Days a year.

HCB uses a complete 360-degree media marketing solution to deliver messages. Our managed approach across our print, digital, web and Video channels allows us to deliver unmatched cost-efficient promotion that amplifies your brand message. We invest your money more smartly by amplifying content that is already generating engagement organically, thereby fuelling conversation, brand engagement, reach and most importantly of all conversion to sales.

No matter your budgets or demographics HCB can assist you.