Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine

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Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine, abbreviated to MEM, is a leading UK engineering magazine and manufacturing news source, covering a wide assortment of industry news sectors such as: contract manufacturing, 3D printing, structural and civil engineering, automotive manufacturing, aerospace engineering, marine engineering, rail engineering, industrial engineering, CAD and schematic designs.

Through a combined print and online readership in excess of 100,000 industry professionals, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine is the number one source for UK engineering news, developments and case studies. As such, the magazine offers the ideal channel for businesses looking to talk about their services on a national scale, in an entirely business to business format.

Incorporating all aspects of the engineering sector, Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine is a keen champion of innovation and technological advancement across all levels of the manufacturing chain, as well as in the methodologies applied to engineering disciplines. Not only highlighting the overarching engineering news topics, the magazine also highlights other, more specific areas such as: transport news, construction news, infrastructure news, healthcare news, pharmaceutical news, manufacturing news, technology news and even news pertaining to consumer goods.

Key topics of focus for features in Manufacturing & Engineering Magazine also then focus around some of the key topics prominent from a manufacturing news perspective, such as health and safety, environmental management, sustainability, quality assurance, prototyping and product development, and waste management. As such, the magazine champions all areas of corporate social responsibility, providing food for thought on how your business too, can operate more responsibly whilst also providing quality manufactured goods.