UKLA – United Kingdom Lubricants Association

UKLA – United Kingdom Lubricants Association

About this partner

UKLA is the voice of the UK Lubricants Industry, representing member company’s interests both at home and overseas. UKLA is also the UK Delegation to UEIL, the European Lubricants Industry Organisation for which UKLA’s flagship industry publication, Lube Magazine, is the official journal.

As well as UEIL, the UKLA is actively engaged with other trade associations such as ORA (Oil Recycling Association) and UKPIA (UK Petroleum Industry Association), through participation in consultation, representation and lobbying to UK and European Government and industry authorities.

In addition to our core representation role and activity, we also provide our membership with industry networking events, seminars and knowledge sharing, through training and communications on industry developments and legislation.

Our mission is to provide services of value to members and to promote the competitiveness of all concerned within the UK Lubricant sector. To educate regulators about the lubricant industry viewpoint. To help educate end-product users on the basics of appropriate lubricant selection, their safe use and disposal.

The UKLA was formed in 2005 by a merger between BLF (British Lubricants Federation), the long standing UK Lubricants Industry Trade Association and the UK Delegation to UEIL. Acknowledged as the Lead Body by UK Government, UKLA has a pro-active policy and Secretariat, and is highly respected for its wealth of knowledge and experience on Technical & Regulatory matters amongst its Members and various Working groups.

UKLA members are provided with services from three sources: – the UKLA Secretariat, the Board of Directors and the Association’s active volunteers. UKLA membership is represented by leading international, European and UK based companies and organisations, covering every aspect of the lubricants sector and its supply chain, from chemist to blender, from base oil supplier to additive manufacturer, from package supplier to storage and distribution services.

UKLA Director General – David Wright

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