Deadline to receive submissions for consideration is 8th December, 2023

CHEMUK 2024 welcomes ‘call for papers’ submissions that address the BIG topics and challenges that are resonating across the sector – and which benefit from CHEMUK’s unique annual “cross-industry” discussion.

'CALL FOR PAPERS' Online Submission Form

Just some of the invited themes:

  • Biggest sector challenges
  • Supply chain opportunities
  • Process Innovation & technology
  • Sustainability, Decarbonisation & NetZero strategies
  • Synthesis/Reaction chemistry innovation
  • Green chemistry & Transitioning to Bio
  • Future Hydrogen Economy
  • Latest collaborative initiatives
  • Future Enabling chemistries
  • Digitisation /Automation/ AI
  • Energy/Plant management & optimisation
  • Sector logistics challenges
  • HSE management & Regulatory landscape
  • Analytical techniques
  • Product Formulation insight
  • Future Materials /Materials chemistry
  • Scale-Up & Innovation support
  • Downstream ‘sector’ insight  (e.g. H&PC, Pharma, Coatings, Agri  etc)  

CHEMUK brings together ALL of the intersecting and interdependent segments of the UK’s industrial chemicals, downstream chemical formulated products, and chemical-dependent industries – from commercial groups, innovation & research groups, supply chain partners, key technical & trade bodies, academic, government departments ..and more