Biosurfactants- revolutionising green sustainable surfactants

Time & Location

Thursday: 10.20 to 10.40, Stage 2


Richard LockManaging Director, Holiferm ltd

About this presentation

Biosurfactants are the new sustainable surfactants that give formulators the real opportunity to formulate away from petrochemical surfactants. This presentations looks the challenges faced by biosurfactant manufactures, and what Holiferm is doing to address these challenges.

Presenter Bio:

Richard is an experienced director, being in industry for 19 years, originally starting his career in the laboratories and progressed through his career by working in countries all over the global, he last role commercially led Libra Speciality chemicals growth of a £28.5M chemical portfolio, including building and executing a business case for 36kta betaine plant and agreeing supply contracts for 1000s tonnes. Now At Holiferm is building an innovating bio-surfactant plant to prove that Green doesn’t have to cost the Earth.